Welcome! I've been passionate about "living well" since I was a kido, and have been organizing spaces of family and friends since I was seven years old. Making a space shine to it's greatest potential is my life's calling.  I took my passion to Western Michigan University where I completed my bachelors in Family and Consumer Sciences Education.  

American families of all kinds are strapped for time and buried in clutter-organized or not. So I set out on a mission to tackle clutter, one house at a time. Despite my best efforts, I noticed that buying the latest organizational tools not only didn't work for my clients, but I didn't work for my own space.  The clutter just kept coming back.  After reading the book The Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up by Marie Kondo, I learned that there is a way to bust clutter once and for all and I hope very much to share it with you.