About Lianna 

Lianna has been passionate about the role of objects in people's life since she was a child.  She started reading Martha Stewart and Real Simple when she was old enough to read, finding a love for "living well".  She always felt that making a space shine to it's potential was her life's calling.  She would organize every nook and cranny of her space and put her friends' and families' closets in order whenever they would let her. She loved rearranging things and always made the maintenance of her space a habit ingrained in her routine.

Lianna took her passion to Western Michigan University where she studied Family and Consumer Sciences Education (otherwise known as Home Economics).  Here she was able to grow and develop her interests of the home and family through a more scientific approach.  The program had a beautiful array of classes including family sociology, behavioral psychology, parenting, health and wellness, and consumer economics.  Lianna learned that American families of all kinds are strapped for time.  With a lack of time comes a cluttered life and with a cluttered life comes the loss of time.  So after graduation, Lianna decided to peruse professional organizing and put the reading she did as a child to good use.

She spent two years buying organizing supplies for her clients and going into their space to make it more functional.  Despite her best efforts, she noticed that buying the latest organizational tools not only didn't work for her clients, but didn't work for her own space!  After reading the book The Life Changing Magic of Tiding by Marie Kondo she learned that there is a way to bust clutter once and for all, and that the organizational methods provided by home improvement magazines were not the answer.