“Having Lianna there helped me be accountable -  answer the questions I had about my stuff honestly.  I did not just blow through this process.  My cloths were not just "stuff", they became my belongings, a part of me and I treated them as such. I kept items that I truly wanted and needed, discarding those that I did not. ” -Richard, Canton, MI

“The process Lianna uses is clearly not something that overwhelms her though seeing a giant pile of stuff on the floor was overwhelming to me at first. The kids were participating and actively getting into the idea of 'Spark Joy'. Seeing my kids’ positive reaction to the process was the most interesting part. We now put all clutter in a pile when its clean up time and put things back together. Lianna knows how to work with children and how to make a big project like this fit with a child's mind” -Aya, Ann Arbor, MI